The Giant Difference

Why Giant?

Located in the middle of the sunny and fertile Snake River Valley of Idaho and Eastern Oregon, Giant Produce, Inc. proudly packages, stores and markets Idaho Eastern Oregon Spanish Onions and Idaho Potatoes. We realize the importance of the quality of our produce before the item is even harvested, and we strive every season to grow the best crop, pack the most superb produce and cultivate quality customers.

Steps to Success

Giant Produce is known for its great integrity, fair, honest and professional business practices. Through our dependable, loyal staff we have built our business on quality produce and good customer service.We work hard to maintain clean and safe facilities, and have created strong relationships with customers, growers, fellow shippers and our community.


Valuing Family Life on the Farm

(Exerpts from Onion World, 2007)

Between operating a packing shed in Parma, Idaho, and running a farm headquartered in the Adrian, Oregon area, Brent and Jada Ishida often find themselves putting in extraordinary long days, especially during harvest time. That’s when the potatoes and onions begin rolling in and are run through Giant Produce, their packing shed.


Brent and Jada view their business ventures as an opportunity to instill a work ethic in their children, something they believe is missing in much of America today.


“Our long-term goal is to continue doing what we are doing,” says Brent, “Here, it’s not about making money, as important as that may be; farm life plays a huge roll in helping us raise our kids. The quality of living it provides is immeasurable.”


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