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Packaged with Care

We offer a wide range of packaging for our potatoes. Our count sizes are boxed in an attractive colored carton, with our familiar friend, the "Giant" Giraffe. Our 5 & 10 LB consumer packs can be packaged in poly film with the tint or clear options. We also offer our consumers in a red mesh with an attractive gold foil label. Our potatoes are sized mechanically. There is less chance of human error and the consistency of our count sizes is much more accurate.
NEW We have added a 1/2 poly 1/2 mesh package for our consumer sized potatoes, please call for a sample today!

Early Harvest

Giant Produce is the first in Idaho to harvest new crop Norkotah potatoes and the only potato packer in Western Idaho. Because of our growing region we are able to harvest our Idaho Potato crops earlier than other growers and shippers in Idaho. Of course, we grow, harvest and pack only Idaho Potatoes, and that is our promise. We are licensed to use the Idaho Seal by the Idaho Potato Commission.



Treasure Valley Gold potatoes available in late July in 50 lb. cartons and 5 lb. consumer bags.